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Navigating the Adoption Process

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2017-06-18 09:23

Every year, thousands of wonderful parents choose to welcome a child into their home and family by the process of adoption.  Before proceeding with adoption, it is critical for families fully understand the legal realities of the adoption process.

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Child Support - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2017-04-09 22:59

When parents separate, appropriate arrangements must be made regarding the children.  Specifically, parents must resolve issues of custody, possession and access, and financial support for the children.

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Written by Wade Christiansen | 2017-02-04 10:41

Many parents who foresee a potential custody battle fail to properly prepare.  Careful preparation for an anticipated custody battle is key to success.

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Written by Wade Christiansen | 2016-09-10 12:19

Generally, individuals born in the United States are United States citizens.  However, some individuals born outside the United States may nevertheless be United States citizens, depending on a variety of factors and circumstances.

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What Is Joint Custody?

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2016-06-18 03:59

Parents who separate often are confused about how Court custody orders work, and about how those custody orders affect visitation rights.

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How Do I Collect Past Due Child Support?

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2016-03-26 10:03

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How Is Child Support Calculated?

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2016-01-30 09:35

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What Is Joint Custody?

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2015-09-12 05:30


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Child's Preference As A Factor In Custody Decisions

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2015-08-15 06:27

In a custody dispute, parents often wonder what impact the child's preference has, and should have, in the Judge's custody decision.  This week's blog will examine how the child's preference influences the outcome of the typical custody case. 

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How Is Paternity Legally Established?

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2015-07-18 11:54

The number of paternity cases in the U.S. has dramatically increased over the past 20 years.  Today's blog post will address the legal establishment of the relationship between a man and a child.  

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