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Guardianship Attorneys Serving Houston, San Antonio and Other Areas

Houston and San Antonio Temporary Guardianship Lawyers

When a loved one is incapacitated, family members must make a tough decision to take control. It's a difficult choice, but often it is for the best. At Christiansen Law Firm, our attorneys have significant experience representing families in guardianship matters.

If you have a loved one who is need of a guardian, contact a Houston or San Antonio guardianship attorney online or call our offices for a free consultation. From our offices in Houston and San Antonio, we work hard to help clients throughout Texas reach a positive resolution in their case.

Knowledgeable Guardianship Creation in Texas

Guardianship provides for the care of adults who are no longer capable of managing their affairs independently. Texas law provides for guardianship of a person as well as guardianship of an estate. The surviving parent of a minor child automatically becomes the guardian of the child, without the need for a guardianship proceeding, but he or she does not automatically become the guardian of the child's estate.

Because a guardian has significant legal powers, it is important to obtain legal advice from our dedicated Houston or San Antonio guardianship lawyers regarding the ramifications of guardianship.

Guardianship Lawyers Serving Houston, San Antonio and Other Areas

At Christiansen Law Firm, we understand the concerns that individuals have when creating a guardianship or asserting the powers under one. Our guardianship lawyers have experience handling many issues that may arise with guardianships, including:

  • Knowing when a person is incapacitated
  • Protecting the individual from themselves
  • Protecting elderly parents who have suffered from a stroke or Alzheimer's disease
  • Adult children trying to take care of their incapacitated parents

We will help you with powers of attorney, a health care power of attorney and more. Whatever your needs, we will strive to meet them.

Call for a Free Consultation With a Houston or San Antonio Guardianship Lawyer

If you wish to speak with a guardianship attorney regarding the possibility of obtaining a guardianship, contact our Houston or San Antonio guardianship lawyers online or call our offices for a free consultation. We are available to meet during regular business hours or by appointment.

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