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Separate Property vs. Community Property: what’s his, mine, and ours

Written by Kathy Mulcahy | 2018-06-10 10:24

When spouses go through a divorce questions arises that generally are not asked when all is well. The questions are: What is legally mine? What is theirs? What is ours?

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What is Mediation?

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2018-06-02 12:00

Spouses and parents that find themselves facing a lawsuit over divorce or custody often hear the word "mediation".  There are many misperceptions about what mediation is and how it works, and litigants wonder how effective it is.  Today's blog will answer these basic questions.

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How Do I Negotiate The Terms of Divorce With My Spouse

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2018-05-26 14:35

When couples are preparing to divorce, many uncertainties exist.  In addition to the emotional pain and anxiety of the uncertain future, spouses must consider the practical realities of life and make personal and financial ajustments to those realities.  If the spouses are able to communicate, a

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How to Adopt a Child

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2018-05-19 10:15

Adoption is a legal process to create the parent-child relationship between a child and an adult who is not the biological parent of the child.  Completing an adoption brings joy and connection between the child and the adoptive parent. 

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What's In A Name

Written by Kathy Mulcahy | 2018-05-12 20:13

How Do I Change My Child’s Name

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Written by Kathy Mulcahy | 2018-05-05 12:34

What are Surcharges? Surcharges are a fine imposed by DPS that requires you to pay a certain amount of money each year for 3 years or your drivers license will get suspended. You generally do not even know you got a surcharge until you get a letter in the mail.

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What is Discovery?

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2018-04-28 12:49

In a family law case, the parties often need to obtain information to properly prepare for settlement negotiations and trial.  The legal process of exchanging information is known as "discovery".  Today's blog post will summarize the most often-used discovery tools that can help you prepare (and

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Modification of Custody

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2018-04-22 12:19

Parents who live under the terms of a custody order often face the question of whether the terms of the order can be changed.  This question usually arises due to the changing circumstances that life inevitably brings.  Today's blog post will address the legal basis for a Court to change custody

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Grandparent Rights

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2018-04-14 22:18

In our society, parents commonly encourage and foster a close relationship between their children and the children's grandparents.  Such grandparent relationships are generally a great benefit to children.  Due to a variety of circumstances, such as estranged family relationships or death, grandp

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What is an Heirship Proceeding?

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2018-04-08 10:12

When a person dies with a Will, a very simple legal process known as "probate of Will" is completed.  The Will is admitted to probate, and the named Executor then has authority to distribute the assets of the estate to the named beneficiaries of the Will.  Importantly, the Will itself dictates wh

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Gathering Information in a Contested Divorce Case

Written by Wade Christiansen | 2018-04-02 10:30

Spouses going through the divorce process often have lost trust in each other, and need to find out what their spouse has been doing and what their spouse is hiding.  Classic examples include the spouse that is hiding money, and the spouse th

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Difference Between Sole Managing Conservatorship and Joint Managing Conservatorship

Written by Kathy Mulcahy | 2018-03-25 14:51

In Texas parents can be either named as joint managing conservators or sole managing conservator.  The different types of conservatorships refer to the rights and duties that each parent has with respect to one another, and has NOTHING to do with

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