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How Do I Qualify As A Guardian?

  • Wade Christiansen
  • Sun, 11/11/2018 - 12:50pm

Modern medical research and development continues to increase average life expectancy.  One of the results is an increasing number of elderly individuals who are incapacitated and thus need the appointment of a guardian.  Loving family members need to understand the requirements for qualification as a guardian.   Texas law provides for strict requirements for qualification as a guardian.  Today's blog will summarize important requirements for qualfication of guardians in Texas.


Current Texas law now requires that a guardianship must be properly registered.  This involves the submission of the proposed Guardian's contact information, which is then included in a state database.  Importantly, this information is confidential, so a guardian does not need to worry about other people accessing the information.  One exception to this (and the whole purpose of the registration)  is that law enforcement officials can access the name, sex, and date of birth of the Ward, the name, address and telephone number of the Guardian, and the name of the Court that has jurisdiction over the Ward.  Access to this information is further limited to properly trained staff.


Recent changes to Texas law now require that a proposed Guardian complete an online guardian training course.  The purpose of the training is to educate the proposed Guardian about the responsibilities of a guardian, alternatives to guardianship, supports and services available to the proposed Ward, and the rights of the proposed Ward.

If you have a family member that may need the protections that a guardianship has to offer, you should immediately seek competent legal advice.  The attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm have significant experience handling guardianship matters for Texas families.  To arrange a free consultation, contact the offices of Christiansen Law Firm in San Antonio or Houston.



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