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Punishments for Not Paying Child Support

When a person is ordered to pay child support it is not a request it is a court order. The courts understand that sometimes the piece of paper the child support order is written on is not always compelling enough to the individual that is required to pay. Therefore, there are many other things that the Court can do in order to compel someone to fulfil their child support obligation.

The most common thing the court does is put people who are behind in child support in jail and set a “cash bond”. This is an amount of money that the person who owes child support has to pay (commonly $5000) before the person can get out of jail.  However, less known things that can happen to someone who does not pay child support is the suspension of their driver’s license, suspension of their passport, their credit score going down, liens being places against property they own (including their bank accounts), their tax refund being taken from them, suspension of professional licenses such as the license to practice law or medicine, and additional fines and fees being assessed against the person required to pay child support.

One thing that cannot happen to someone who does not pay child support is there visitation with their child cannot be taken away or reduced because of their none payment of support.

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