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Effective Co-Parenting

When parents separate, children experience an unmistakeable sense of loss.  This loss brings anxiety and fear to most children.  Depending on the age and personality of the children, the relationship between the children and each parent, and the parents' ability and willingness to co-parent, the children may be able to function and even thrive despite the parents' separation.  Today's blog post will address four important factors that determine the children's well-being after the separation.


When the parents reside relatiavely close to one another, they are able to conveniently exchange possession of the children, attend school and extracurricular activities and be involved with the children's friends.  Living far apart complicates life for the children.   Ideally, the parents should try to reside within the same school district.


Parents that communicate well with each other, despite their differences, can greatly benefit the children.  Most children are very tuned in to the relationship between their parents, and can read even carefully disguised tension.  If the children observe their parents communicating in a respectful, cooperative and kind manner, they feel a great sense of relief, and will respect both parents for their maturity.

frequency of visitation

The non-custodial parent should go to great lengths to spend as much time with the children as possible.  Changing jobs or shift schedules, eliminating travel, moving to a new residence, and sacrificing hobbies are all very worthwhile efforts that will pay huge dividends for the children. Time spent with children is priceless, and children whose parents are separated need as much time with each parent as possible. 

cooperation and flexibility between parents

Children's lives and activities don't revolve around standard court-ordered periods of possession.  While separated parents often have a court order that governs when each parent is entitled to possession, the parents have every right to change the visitation schedule to accommodate the children and each other.   The more flexible each parent can be with regard to visitation dates and times, the easier life will be for the children and for the parents.  Cooperation and flexibility may not be easy due to the circumstances that led to the separation, but if each parent will approach the situation with humility and maturity, the children will be greatly benefited.

Christiansen Law Firm has assisted hundreds and hundreds of parents in the process of separation.  The attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm can guide you in the process every step of the way so that you can maintain a good and stable relationship with your children and with the other parent.  For more information about how Christiansen Law Firm can assist you with your custody or visitation matter, please contact our offices in Houston or San Antonio.


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