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How To Have An Amicable Custody Agreement

Divorce can be a very painful and difficult process for couples, especially when their young children are caught in the middle. When divorcing parents argue and battle over custody arrangements and visitation rights, this often amplifies the hurt and confusion felt by these impressionable and vulnerable children. Divorcing parents can help minimize the shock and impact of divorce proceedings on their children by committing to have an amicable custody and visitation agreement. In today's blog post, we will look at three ways divorcing or separating parents can have an amicable and respectful custody and visitation agreement for the benefit of themselves and their children.

Putting Children First

In the midst of a divorce, divorcing parents may sometimes overlook the emotional, mental and physical needs of their children due to the strain and stress of contentious and lengthy divorce proceedings. However, when parents strive to put the needs of their children first, both during and after the divorce proceedings, it is much more likely that the children will be able to express their needs and feelings in healthy and productive ways. Ultimately, the goal is to help them recover well from the transitions caused by a divorce. In practical terms, this can include asking children for their feedback regarding possible home or school relocations caused by divorce, involving them in custody scheduling for holidays and weekends, and spending quality time with them.

Healthy And Regular Communication

Children of divorce benefit greatly when their divorcing parents maintain healthy and open lines of communication. This is especially important when a young child and their parents have busy schedules that can change at the last minute. When divorcing parents strive to communicate often and in healthy ways, this increases security and peace for the child as well. Making plans in advance regarding school schedules, extracurricular activities and vacations can reduce surprise changes and frustration, and ensure smoother transitions for the child.

Compliance With Custody Agreements

Custody agreements establish physical custody of the child between both parents for specific dates and times, but some divorcing parents may end up pushing the limits of their custody agreement by ignoring set drop-off or pick-up times, or constantly changing schedules. Compliance with existing custody agreements helps maintain peace between divorced parents and offers children of divorce stability and consistency. Future modifications to child custody agreements are made much easier when both parents have demonstrated respect for and compliance with existing custody agreements.

Divorcing parents need to ensure that their children have as much stability, peace and consistency as possible during and after divorce proceedings. Having quality legal representation can ensure that the divorce and custody agreements are as amicable and smooth as possible. Christiansen Law Firm specializes in Family Law, with over 19 years of extensive experience assisting clients with issues such as child custody, visitation, financial support, modifications and enforcement. Please contact a Texas Family Law attorney at our Houston or San Antonio offices for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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