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Lawful permanent residents seeking to become United States citizens are often concerned about the mandatory civics test.  Today's blog post will address the basic requirements of the civic test and provide some tips for passing the test.

What is the civics test like?

The civics test is designed to assess your basic understanding of United States history and government.  The test questions are fairly basic, but do assess understanding in a broad range of topics.  The test questions are asked orally, in English, so it is important to have good listening comprehension of the English language.  Certain individuals are exempt from the English language requirement, and may take the civics test in their native language.  

The test is in "direct answer" format, not "multiple choice" or "true/false".   Typically, the immigration officer will ask 10 questions, taken from the sample questions that are shown on the USCIS website.  You must answer 6 of the 10 questions correctly.   

How do I prepare?

1.  Study the questions and answers shown on the USCIS website, which is

2.  Take several practice tests.  The USCIS website has a practice test.  Bookstores also have study materials, and additional study materials can be found on the Internet. 

3.  Regularly watch national news programs that regularly discuss political leaders and events.

4.  Stay current.  Some of the questions on the test relate to current political events, persons and circumstances.  Make sure you know the names of the most prominent politicians as of the date of your test.

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