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What Should I Do While My Divorce Is Pending?

The decision to divorce is quickly followed by a series of decisions, such as how to act, what documents to gather, whether to move out of the house, etc.  Making good decisions at this stage of the case is critically important to the outcome of the divorce. Today's blog post is the first of a multi-part series addressing these decisions and providing general guidance on what actions will lead to an optimal outcome.

Some of the most important actions to take are: 

1.  Communicate everything to your attorney.  It is critical that your attorney know all important facets of your case, even if, in fact especially if, they are embarrassing, so that he or she can properly prepare and advocate your interests.  With a couple of exceptions, all of the information you share is confidential and cannot be shared with others.  

2.  Act reasonably and respectfully toward your spouse and children, as if everything you do is being recorded and will be shown to the Judge.  Avoid any actions that could be perceived as unreasonable, threatening, rude or unecessary.  Avoid all illegal drugs, excessive alcohol, illegal activities and engaging in any new romantic relationships.  Don't do anything that would suggest to the Judge that you are distracted from complete focus on your family.  

3.  Obey all court orders.  In the initial stages of your case, the Judge will likely sign a Temporary Restraining Order and soon thereafter will sign Temporary Orders.  It is critical to obey these orders, as failure to do so will be contempt of court that can subject you to a jail sentence and remove the Judge's empathy toward you.

4.  Document everything.  Keeping good notes about events as they occur will greatly assist your attorney in representing you.  

5.  Be flexible with scheduling.  Several hearings and meetings will need to occur throughout your case.  If you can be flexible with the scheduling, your attorney will be able to move your case through to completion more quickly.

6.  Cooperate with other professionals on your case.  Third parties such as an amicus attorney, social worker, therapist or professional appraiser will be involved in evaluating your circumstances and making recommendations to the Court. Cooperation with these neutral evaluators will greatly assist your case.  

Acting properly during the pendency of your case will significantly improve the outcome of your case.  Christiansen Law Firm assists individuals in divorce cases, and can assist you along the path toward success.  The attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm will guide you specifically on what actions to take to maximize your chances of success.  Contact the attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm in Houston or San Antonio for additional information.

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