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Legal Insurance: What is It and Should I get It

For some people legal insurance is kind of like insurance you buy on your home or car. You hope you never need it but it’s nice to know you will be protected if you do. For others, they particularly buy legal insurance knowing that they will be needing legal assistance in the near future (on say a divorce, will, adoption, or home sale) and want to secure a discount.

Legal insurance can cover a variety of topics depending on what kind of protection you obtain. You can buy legal insurance on your own or may be able to go through your employer if your employer offers legal insurance as a perk of working for that company. If you are interested in obtaining legal insurance make sure you understand your coverage. Not all plans are created equally. For example, some plans will give you 20 free hours of attorney work on a contested divorce while a different plan may only help you with a divorce if it is uncontested. Some plans offer options for criminal defense while other plans will only help you with traffic tickets. This is why you need to make sure when reviewing a plan you know exactly what you’re getting and the plan makes sense for your life-style

Just because you have legal insurance doesn’t mean you will not have to pay any money out of pocket. You will always have to pay filing fees, these will never be covered by your plan. Filing fees are what the attorney pays to the courthouse to start your legal proceeding. Also, if your plan gives you a certain number of free hours and you exceed those hours you will have to pay the rest out of pocket. Make sure you discuss with your attorney how many hours it may take to resolve your case.

At the Christiansen Law Firm we accept a variety of legal insurance plans. If you are interested in learning more about legal insurance we encourage you to review Hyatt Legal Insurance’s and ARAG Legal Insurance’s websites. These are two very popular legal insurances we accept, but is by no means the only options out there. If you are looking to hire an attorney contact our office. Our professional staff is ready to help you today.

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