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Paternity Testing Benefits Both The Child And Biological Parents

When a child is born, the child's parents have both legal rights and responsibilities in regards to the care and well being of the child. However, there are times when clarification is needed regarding paternity, particularly when the child's parents are not married and there are questions regarding visitation rights and child support. For the sake of both the child and parents, paternity testing can provide both confirmation and closure regarding parental rights and responsibilities, as well as help establish relationships between the child and the biological father.

Paternity testing is typically performed for three common reasons. First, paternity testing is commonly requested to help confirm the identity of the biological father for the purpose of securing child support. Whether the biological mother or other relatives are raising the child, child support is often needed to ensure the child's care and health. Paternity testing benefits the child by confirming the identity of a biological father for financial support.

Second, paternity testing is also commonly requested for men that want to establish visitation rights with their biological children. The end of a man's relationship with the biological mother can sometimes result in the father losing access to his child, but establishing paternity can ensure visitation rights and a continuation of a relationship.

Finally, paternity testing is also commonly performed to confirm the identity of a biological father in cases where there is uncertainty, particularly during a divorce proceeding or custody case. If a man disputes the paternity claim of the biological mother, he can request paternity testing to get confirmation of non-paternity and end any legal responsibilities or child support obligations. This can benefit both the child and parents by confirming true paternity and eliminating any confusion or uncertainty in the future.

No matter the circumstance, paternity testing can be an extremely stressful and challenging ordeal for the parents and the child, so it's important to understand the entire process before proceeding. Christiansen Law Firm assists families and individuals involved in paternity disputes, and will work aggressively to protect the rights of clients. The paternity attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm will strive to minimize any impact or disruption to daily lives while pursuing a positive outcome. Christiansen Law Firm offers a full range of Family Law services throughout the Houston, Lufkin and San Antonio areas. Contact Christiansen Law Firm for more information, or to schedule a free consultation with their Family Law attorneys.

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