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The Most Common Causes For Immigration Deportation

  • Wade Christiansen
  • Fri, 01/23/2015 - 10:57am

Millions of immigrants currently live in the United States, and many exercise great caution to ensure they obey the laws of the local, state, and federal government in order to remain in our country. However, not all immigrants comply with our laws, and they can face removal (deportation) for their actions. Immigration deportation can impact immigrants of every status, from tourist visa to permanent residents (green card holders). In today's blog post, we will look at the most common causes for immigration deportation in the U.S.

Conviction For A Crime

One of the most common causes for an immigrant to face removal or deportation from the United States is being convicted of a crime. Regardless of whether the crime is a felony or misdemeanor, the conviction itself may put an immigrant as risk for deportation. Deportable crimes may include theft, domestic violence, DWI, murder, or possession of controlled substances. The immigration court reviews the details of the conviction and ultimately determines if the conviction warrants deportation or removal.

Violation of Visa Terms

Individuals that are approved to receive a U.S. visa and remain in our country must abide by very specific rules regarding their type of visa. Any violation of these visa terms or the duration of the permitted stay can make an individual deportable. For example, an immigrant on a non-work visa may face deportation if they are found to be working while in America.

Receiving Public Assistance

Family-based immigrants applying for a green card must provide proof of financial support, typically from the petitioner family member currently living in the U.S. These financial requirements help ensure that new immigrants to the U.S. will be able to sustain themselves adequately without the need for public assistance from the state or federal government. However, immigrants that receive public assistance, such as food stamps or public housing, may face deportation if they receive these benefits within their first five years in the U.S. without demonstrating just cause for their hardship.

Deportation from the U.S. is a terrifying prospect for many immigrants living in the United States. For immigrants facing deportation or removal, prompt and expert legal help is critical to ensure a positive outcome for individuals and their families. Christiansen Law Firm is a Texas-based law firm specializing in immigration law. Our Immigration Law attorneys have extensive experience vigorously defending clients in Immigration Court and protecting their individual rights. Contact Christiansen Law Firm at our Houston or San Antonio offices to schedule a free consultation, or go online to request additional information.

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