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The Importance of Hiring Experienced Detention Bond Attorneys

The steady increase in immigration to the United States over the last few decades has led to the change of immigration laws and law enforcement guidelines. The Department of Homeland Security is the government agency now tasked with enforcing immigration laws, which means that the Department has authority to stop, search, seize or arrest any individuals believed to be in violation of immigration law. Individuals arrested on suspicion of immigration law violations receive a decision on their custody status within 48 hours, either to release on bond or detain in custody. Because of the complexity of immigration laws and the custody process, experienced immigration attorneys should be contacted immediately to ensure that all legal proceedings are handled properly and efficiently.

Too often, arrested individuals or their family contact inexperienced or ill-prepared attorneys with little to no experience in immigration law. This poor decision can lead to arrested individuals not getting the legal help they need to be released on bond, or worse yet, can lead to deportation and the division of families. Attorneys inexperienced in immigration law can cause individuals to be detained unnecessarily, or create delays in filing legal documentation for bond hearings or removal proceedings.

However, hiring experienced immigration attorneys benefits detained individuals and their families in several ways. First, the arrested individual receives legal representation that provides clear and concise help during the complex immigration hearing process. Experienced immigration attorneys understand the bond hearing process, and what kinds of relevant factors the Immigration Judge takes into consideration when deciding whether to grant bond. Individuals working with experienced immigration attorneys are better able to demonstrate to the Immigration Judge their family and community ties, employment history, ability to post bond, criminal history and length of residence in the U.S., among other factors. Attorneys more familiar with immigration law and detention bond hearings can help clients request a bond hearing, appeal a bond denial or assist with lowering an excessive bond amount.

Family members of arrested or detained individuals also benefit by hiring experienced immigration and detention bond attorneys. The attorneys can clearly explain the immigration detention procedure and what to expect, offering relatives peace of mind and understanding. Families can also benefit by having experienced and prepared immigration attorneys working on their family's behalf to keep them united and prevent deportation. Unfortunately, many families have been torn apart by inexperienced attorneys that are unable to help their detained relative receive a bond hearing, or that make a minimal effort to prepare their client for bond hearings.

Christiansen Law Firm has been providing exceptional legal services to clients in the U.S. and around the world in need of help with immigration law issues. Christiansen Law Firm's team of skilled, experienced and effective immigration attorneys help clients navigate the complexities of immigration law, offering quality legal counsel and cost-effective solutions for individuals, families and businesses. Contact Christiansen Law Firm today for a free initial consultation, or contact the Christiansen Law Firm offices in Houston or San Antonio for more information.

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