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How To Prepare For Visa Application Filing

Individuals and families interested in immigrating to the U.S. generally must complete an application process. The type of application to file depends upon various factors, such as the relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary and the eligibility of the beneficiary for an immigration benefit. The application process can often be tedious, lengthy and confusing for many immigrants interested in pursuing legal admission to the U.S. There are a number of complex forms to complete, various fees to pay, and supporting evidence and documentation needed to accompany the visa application. In today's blog post, we will discuss how best to prepare for the visa application process to expedite the process and reduce delays.

Documents To Gather

The visa application requires several pieces of original or certified legal documentation, regardless of the country of origin, or the age of the applicant. All U.S. visa applications require original or certified birth certificates from the home country for each applicant, as well as marriage licenses for married applicants. In addition, previously married visa applicants must provide original or certified legal documentation for each terminated marriage, whether by divorce, death, or annulment. Visa applications also require any court or prison records, as well as any applicable military records, and photocopies of passports and visas for all applicants.

Additional Supporting Evidence Needed

Substantial supporting documentation is also required for immigrant visa petitions and applications for adjustment of status, including financial and medical information. All U.S. citizens or permanent residents sponsoring immigrant relatives must provide an Affidavit of Support that confirms their ability and willingness to financially support the immigrant applicant. Additionally, sponsoring relatives will be required to submit tax returns, as well as evidence of income, proof of residence, proof of status, and proof of the relationship between the sponsoring relative and visa applicant. Immigrants are also required to submit proof of immunization before entry into the U.S.

Securing Experienced Legal Representation

Another key step in ensuring a smooth and efficient visa application process involves securing experienced, quality legal representation. Sponsoring relatives and visa applicants that attempt the process alone will often make small mistakes on the visa application, miss key deadlines, or overlook required legal documentation or supporting evidence.

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