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How Do I Contest A Will?

One of the greatest challenges we face in life is the loss a family member or loved one. After a period of grieving, the difficult work begins of dividing our loved one's estate or property, which is generally made much easier when there is a Will in place to instruct the division of assets.

Unfortunately, some Wills are not the final or accurate last wishes of our loved ones, and as a result, a Will's validity may need to be challenged in the court of law. Although it can be an emotional process, contesting a Will is necessary if you believe your inheritance rights are being denied, or if your loved one's last wishes have been improperly altered in some way.

Any interested party can contest or challenge a Will, and the process begins by filing a petition to contest the Will's validity in probate court. The individual or party contesting the Will must show proof that the Will is invalid and should be disregarded. Grounds for challenging a Will normally fall into three categories: challenging the mental state of the deceased at the time the Will was signed, contesting the legality of the Will based on existing state laws, or demonstrating that the Will was created or altered by coercion, force or fraud against the deceased.

In addition, a Will can also be contested if it can be proven that there is a later Will that supersedes the filed Will, if forgery was involved in the creation or filing of a Will, or if there is a question regarding the validity of the signature or number of witnesses at the time of the signing.

Christiansen Law Firm is ready to assist individuals or families interested in contesting the Will of a relative or loved one to protect an estate or assets. Their team of probate attorneys has experience with the complex nature of contesting Wills, and will strive to achieve positive results for clients. Christiansen Law Firm will pursue all options to ensure the final wishes of your loved ones are executed and that your rights are protected. Contact Christiansen Law Firm for a free consultation, or contact our probate attorneys in our Houston or San Antonio offices.

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