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The Financial Benefits of Immigration Policy Reform

Immigration policy reform is a contentious topic in America today, eliciting passionate debate on both sides of the issue. For every person who firmly believes the U.S. should significantly reduce the number of immigrants allowed in our country, there is someone on the opposing side advocating for increased immigration and fewer restrictions on immigrant visas. Immigration is a complex and delicate issue for individuals, families, business owners and government leaders, but the reality is that legal immigration ultimately benefits our society and, more specifically, our economy. Immigrants to the U.S. strengthen our economy in several vital ways, so it is important to understand their impact on our country's financial prosperity, and why immigration policy reform is important.

The fastest impact immigrants have on the U.S. economy is with their spending power. Although many immigrants in the U.S. do not arrive with substantial wealth, they immediately contribute to our local, state and national economies by purchasing consumable goods and establishing homes here. Once they arrive in the U.S., they need housing, food, furniture, transportation, utilities and other necessities. Their purchases make a significant positive impact on our economy, which can be vital in areas of the country experiencing severe financial hardships. Ultimately, the purchasing power of our country's immigrants bolsters American businesses. Immigration policy reform that seeks to restrict immigrant visas will ultimately slow down the economic growth generated by immigrant purchasing power.

Another financial benefit to immigration policy reform is the number of jobs filled by hard-working immigrants to our country. Although there is a growing population of unemployed Americans, many employers have a difficult time finding Americans to fill available labor needs, particularly in agriculture, fishing, landscaping and construction industries. A large number of immigrants entering America have lower levels of completed education, and often lack strong communications skills. As a result, many of the low-skilled immigrants entering the U.S. fill these labor-intensive jobs, helping American businesses grow and thrive. Immigration policy reform should help improve the immigration visa process to ensure American businesses can get their labor needs filled faster to promote economic growth.

Finally, immigration policy reform is crucial to economic growth in the U.S. because of the many jobs, businesses and innovations created by immigrants. A recent study by the Brookings Institute found that immigrants are 30% more likely to become entrepreneurs than U.S. born citizens. The small and large businesses they create provide jobs and also stimulate the local, state and federal economy. In addition, more than 11% of all immigrants to the U.S. hold advanced college degrees, and 2% come to America with PhDs. These highly skilled immigrants bring new technologies, inventions and opportunities to America, improving our country as a whole.

Immigrants have long been an important part of our country's success, growth and stability, and Christiansen Law Firm believes it is important to offer quality legal services to those desiring to legally immigrate to America and contribute to our country's future. Christiansen Law Firm has extensive experience in Immigration Law, and can assist individuals and families with family-based immigration, marriage, divorce, adoption and student visas, as well as adjustment of status and immigration appeals and detention hearings. For more information on how Christiansen Law Firm can help with your specific immigration needs, contact the Christiansen Law Firm offices in Houston or San Antonio to request a free consultation.

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