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Ensuring Your Family’S Safety With A Protective Order

The family unit is one of the most valuable and important assets we have in life. Unfortunately, each year thousands of families across Texas are devastated by incidents of domestic or family violence, resulting in an urgent need for legal protection for those impacted. The Texas Council on Family Violence reports that in 2012 alone, there were over 188,000 reported incidents of family violence, with many more incidents likely unreported to authorities.

To help protect those victimized by domestic and family violence, there are legal forms of protection available to prevent future incidents and ensure they receive the utmost protection permitted by state law. Protective orders are designed to prevent the continuance of family or domestic violence and protect victims from further harm. These orders, issued by civil family courts, can protect individual victims or family members by limiting the physical access of the offender.

Specifically, protective orders may prohibit offenders from committing additional acts of domestic violence, limiting physical access to any school or day care attended by a child protected by the order, or making threats or harassing behavior towards victims. In addition, a protective order may also include orders for the offender to vacate the family residence or other property and keep a certain distance from the protected individuals, and attend mandatory counseling.

Unfortunately, family or domestic violence sometimes continues because victims are unaware that legal help is available, or do not know that they qualify for protective orders. To obtain a protective order, the victim and offender must be related by blood or marriage, live together, have previously lived together, or have a child together.

If you or your loved ones are victims of family violence, Christiansen Law Firm can help protect your family's safety and rights. The attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm have extensive experience in the area of Texas family law, and have helped many individuals and families in need of protective orders and legal representation. Contact Christiansen Law Firm for more information, or to schedule a free consultation at their Houston or San Antonio offices.

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