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Do These Life Changes Impact My Child Support Order?

When couples with young children divorce, one of the most important determinations is who retains primary physical custody of the children, and how much child support is needed to properly care for the children. Although the terms of a child support order are determined based on the circumstances that exist at that time, child support amounts may be modified over time due to various life changes. In today's blog post, we will look at three common life changes and if they can impact an existing child support order.

New Marital Status

When a divorced parent decides to marry again, it can impact the relationships of the divorced couple and their young children, but it typically will not impact the existing child support order. A biological parent is still responsible for meeting the terms of their child support agreement if they remarry, or if their former spouse remarries, even if the new marriage increases income levels or results in subsequent children with the new spouse. Having another child of another relationship can reduce the child support obligation, although not significantly in most situations.

Major Medical Issues

Unfortunately, parents may face major health concerns due to an illness or a serious injury. Ongoing health issues may be a cause for a child support modification, especially if these issues significantly impact earning potential or the ability to safely care for their children. In these instances, child support modifications and supporting evidence would need to be submitted to the family court in order to increase or decrease child support requirements.

Changes In Income

When a custodial or non-custodial parent loses their job or has a drastic change in income, this may be a qualifying factor for a child support modification. Although every effort would need to be made to secure another job or earn additional income, the Family Court may agree to modify the amount of child support, if the evidence shows a material and substantial change in the circumstances.

When divorced parents experience a major life change, it is important to have experienced and skilled legal representation to ensure child support modifications are handled with accuracy and efficiency. The Family Law attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm have extensive experience in Texas family law and have resolved numerous child support modification and enforcement issues. Christiansen Law Firm provides exceptional client service, and strives to reach favorable outcomes for clients to protect their rights. Contact Christiansen Law Firm for more information, or call our Houston or San Antonio offices to schedule a consultation.

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