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Common Mistakes To Avoid During International Adoptions

Adopting a child is a lengthy and complex process, much more so if the child is being adopted from a foreign country. In addition to the various state and U.S. federal laws governing adoption, prospective parents must also consider the adoption laws of the child's country of origin. In order to ensure a smooth and favorable adoption outcome, adopting parents should strive to avoid the common mistakes than can often derail the adoption process. Today's blog post will look at the most common mistakes to avoid during the international adoption process.

Unfamiliarity With International Adoption Laws

Some adopting parents may have their heart set on adopting a child from a specific country or region of the world, only to find out later that the law prevents them from adopting. Adoption laws may prevent single parents, same-sex parents or older parents from adopting children, so it is imperative for parents to do to the proper research before beginning a costly and lengthy adoption process.

Not Thoroughly Researching International Adoption Agencies

Another common and often painful mistake prospective parents can make is failing to properly research international adoption agencies before beginning the adoption process. Unfortunately, some international adoption agencies are not as experienced, reliable or honest as others, leading to unmet or unrealistic expectations regarding the timing of adopting or availability of children. This can lead to a significant loss of both time and financial resources that can set adopting parents back even further from realizing their dream of expanding their family through adoption.

Careless Errors With Adoption Paperwork

International adoption requires very specific types of applications, supporting evidence and legal documentation, and one simple mistake or clerical error can delay or severely impair the entire adoption process. Common errors include failure to get proper notarization, typographical errors on application forms, or missing application or filing deadlines.

Individuals or couples interested in pursuing international adoption need quality legal counsel on their side to ensure an efficient and smooth adoption process. The International Law attorneys of Christiansen Law Firm provide exceptional legal counsel to adopting parents, whether they are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. Christiansen Law Firm has extensive experience navigating the complex process of international adoption, and strives to provide favorable, efficient and cost-effective solutions to help people expand their family. Contact Christiansen Law Firm today at our Houston or San Antonio offices for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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