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Case Development In Your Divorce Case

Last week's blog addressed what you should do while your divorce case is pending. This week's address will focus on what your lawyer and his or her staff will be doing while your case is pending. 

information gathering

Your attorney will need relevant documents from you, such as tax returns, paycheck stubs, house deeds, bank statements and retirement account statements.  If child custody is disputed, other pertinent documents may include texts, e-mails, pictures and school records.  These documents may be used as evidence in your court hearings.  Providing an organized package of the correct documents to your attorney can save time and money, and will make it easier for your attorney to access the needed information. 


You should communicate all pertinent information to your attorney's office while your case is pending.  Often, the information most pertinent to the Judge will be recent occurences.  Communicating such information to your attorney's paralegal or secretary rather than to your attorney is a very efficient method of communication. Your attorney and his/her staff work as a team, and each team member has a role to play in your case.  You can trust that the support staff will properly document and communicate the information to your attorney.  The support staff is often more readily available to you than the attorney, because your attorney may be in court much of the time.  E-mail is a very useful means of communication, since your attorney may be able to read and respond to your e-mail from the courthouse, and the e-mails are easily printed and placed in your file for future reference.


Your attorney's office will need to schedule events such as hearings, depositions, mediations and witness meetings.  As these events are scheduled, communicate with your attorney's staff so that you know what events you will need to attend and to make sure you are properly prepared.  Try to be as flexible as possible, since many events require scheduling (and even rescheduling) to accommodate the schedules of attorneys, the Judge, court reporters, witnesses and others.  Flexibility will help your case reach conclusion more quickly. 

If you're considering a divorce, it is critical to have legal representation to ensure that your case is resolved efficiently and quickly, and that your case has the maximum chance for success.  The family law attorneys at Christiansen Law Firm have significant experience handling  family law matters, such as custody, divorce, paternity, and child support. Contact the offices of Christiansen Law Firm in Houston or San Antonio to arrange a consultation.




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