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Expunction/Non-Disclosure/Juvenile Record Sealing

Once you have something on your criminal record, it is extremely difficult to have it removed. Being arrested but never charged can still damage your future income potential, prevent you from obtaining housing, and keep you from getting accepted into some colleges and universities. However, as long as you have not been convicted of a crime you may qualify to obtain an expunction or non-disclosure of your criminal record. The juvenile court system works differently and many juveniles will qualify for a juvenile record sealing, despite the reason for arrest or adjudication.

Expunction vs. Non-Disclosure

An expunction completely wipes the previous arrest and/or pre-trial diversion from your criminal record. The procedure allows individuals to legally deny that they were ever arrested, and as far as everyone is concerned the arrest never occurred.

A non-disclosure prevents a large number of people and employers from obtaining access to your arrest or deferred adjudication record. However, certain types of agencies will still have access to that record. A list of those agencies can be found in the Texas Government Code. Both an expunction and non-disclosure can greatly help people move on with their lives and allow them to obtain suitable employment. If you are interested in pursuing an expunction or non-disclosure of your criminal record, call our office today to see if you qualify.

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